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Drug Addiction Treatment

Brown Sugar, Heroin, Substance Drugs, Methamphetamine (ice), Ketamine, Ganja, Opioid and prescription drugs with hydrocodone or oxycodone – the need for effective drug addiction treatment couldn’t be more profound, more needed than it is today. It is a simple fact, people get addicted for a variety of reasons. It is not something that should be a subject of judgment, it can and does happen to anybody.
There is a growing number of people who become addicted to medications that have been prescribed to them by their Doctor. Many of these are people addicted to a prescribed pain medication who then, not being able to renew the prescription, turn to street versions of that drug, such as heroin. However, someone comes to be addicted, finding the right help, the best answer, is what we’re here for.

Holistic Treatment For Drug Addiction

Drug addiction has many layers and, therefore, so must treatment for drug addiction. There are physical aspects, emotional, as well as psychological, even spiritual. At Choices For Change, we create your treatment around your needs. We have one-on-one counseling to get to the root of the addiction and map a course of recovery. We have a range of evidence based and proven programs, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Psycho-Educational Training, 12-Step and Mindfulness Training which is extremely helpful at helping patients become aware of the messages their bodies send them that can help them avoid relapse.

We offer a physical trainer and yoga to help answer the needs of healing your body, plus there’s a beautiful game and plenty of activities can develop the mental and physical ability of the addicts. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels to get your body in shape. We offer excellent facility that is also geared toward quick efficient healing of your body and mind.

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We offer educational sessions to help you understand your addiction and its impact on your body and your life. We also offer family therapy and education which is so critical in helping overcome addiction. For example, we have 3 types of beautiful bedroom at Choices For Change Rehab that are available for Family Therapy, particularly since many patients will be returning to family situations following treatment and there tends to be residual feelings, or issues, that can trigger the addictive behaviour again.

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